ITS GROUP in business partnership with MicrotracBEL

We are pleased to announce our business partnership with MicrotracBEL, an established company under Microtrac MRB of Verder Scientific, Germany

 is a leading company that develops, manufactures and sells various instruments to evaluate the specific surface and pore size distribution of various solid materials by gas adsorption and mercury intrusion. The instruments are widely used for R&D, QC & QA for characterisation of materials, specifically for gas and vapour adsorption, density and catalyst evaluation.

 has appointed ITS GROUP as the exclusive distributor for their range of products in SE Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines & Myanmar). 

Please feel free to reach out to your local sales or service representatives if you have any questions regarding 
MicrotracBEL’s products and services.


Sales: Nguyen Thi Hai (
Service: Ton That Huu Tri (

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