SETARAM - Thermal Analysis Promotions


For over 70 years, through its Setaram brand, KEP Technologies Group has been delivering innovation and excellence in the field of scientific measurement instrumentation.

Whether you work in the field of Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry, Gas or Vapor Sorption, at Setaram we pride ourselves on providing solutions that can meet your future needs too.

1 instrument, 4 configurations

All packages will come with an advanced gas panel including Mass Flow Controllers, with crucibles and standards, ready to run experiments.

(Discount up to 30% till June 30th)

LABSYS evo 1600 TGA

The ideal Thermogravimetric Analyzer for thermal stability or compositional analysis.

LABSYS evo 1600 TGA with EGA coupling

The best configuration for understanding decompositions’ chemistry, and for reverse engineering.

LABSYS evo 1600 STA with 3D Cp rod

The ultimate solution for high temperature measurements of phase diagrams and heat capacity.

LABSYS evo 1600 STA with a 3 rods pack

Thermal stability data enhanced by heat effect detection, with a full reload pack!

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